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Date: 2016/07/15

OS: Win 10, Win 8 (32 or 64 bit), Win 7 (32 or 64 bit), Vista SP2 (32-bit), XP SP3 (32-bit)

Language: English

Use: See the Readme file included

PCSuite is a complete set of tools for your computer problems

Diagnose your Windows system,

PCSuite run a full scan of the entire system installation unnecessary files, but reduces speed and causes problems for any errors or system failures or applications. With a lot of research and testing, we have worked to identify specific methods to find problems that can be safely removed without risking damage to your operating system.

Clean junk files

We have developed PCSuite cleaning module for the transmission of all types of PC waste as unnecessary system and user temporary files, browser cache, unused error logs left to update the Windows files, Sun Java temporary files, backup Microsoft Office cash and a lot more ▼, It helps to restore gigabytes of disk space on your PC on average.

restores the stability of the system

As an experienced surgeon, PCSuite use precision tools to carefully remove the damaged keys and invalid registry entries, taking care of Windows, so as not to damage anything vital. We tested our software to make sure it removes the causes of most accidents and errors recovery smooth and stable operation, without side effects.

Increases Computer Speed

PCSuite suboptimal change system settings to help the majority of the processes and operations go faster. He adjusts the settings for your Internet connection to ensure a smooth browsing, faster downloads and higher quality audio / video chat. We want to have a great experience in the PC, so we have included tools to speed up every aspect of your computer.

Protect your privacy

Most of us are concerned about the personal information falls into the wrong hands. When entering a password or credit card number, that information is written to the hard disk, invisible to you, but an easy prey for an experienced hacker. We have included tools for privacy, which help to remove traces of your activity and protect sensitive personal data.

automate system maintenance

With PCSuite you can schedule automatic support, which detects and removes problems in real time, protecting your productivity and keep your computer running at maximum speed. Knowing how busy can be a life, we’ve created this functionality, so you can put it once, your computer automatically cleans and accelerates convenient schedule.

Guard smoothness

To enhance the effect you get from full optimization, we have added an automatic memory management and processor that ensures that your active applications always have the largest amount of resources allocated to them. This prevents a smooth and fast performance in real time and allows you to have a great experience constant computer work every day.


TweakBit PCSuite 9

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