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Alarm Clock Free is a handy tool that you can establish a more tragic for all kinds of work as you do on the mobile phone for you. Use the alarm to play Lao Sin of cake. Simple, almost minimalist interface design as well. Click the Add button and configure settings for each building. You can put away only one day a week, and perform various tasks, such as waking the computer or open the track. Free include clock built-in alarm sounds and gas lets you add files to your personal information in order to make yourself more. When the alarm goes off, the display alerts on your desktop where you can stop it or lie on it. It may not be as feature-rich tool among others, playing is the perfect choice for those who are looking for simple, automatic alarm to remind you of software anything. Clock free tool that easily lets you set alarms customizable range on the computer in a simple way.

Free Alarm Clock 4

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